Takaful Islami Insurance Limited was established in 2001. A group of Businessmen who had earlier launched a Islami Bank in the private sector sponsored the company with 60 million taka capital. Sponsors included shipping magnets, Doctors, Engineers, Bankers, Top Garment exporters and Importers. Market size of Bangladesh in the non-life sector was Tk. 1,050 million in 1986. It has grown to Tk. 27,270 million in 2013. The growth of private sector non-life insurance business was primarily due to the drive given and initiative taken by the private insurers in exploring new avenues while to some extent it was due to increase in project value and commodity prices in the international market. The premium income of non-life private insurers would have been much more had the term “Public Property” been redefined to give its exact detonations through exclusion from its orbit those undertakings which had been setup with foreign loan in the private sector and insurance premium thereon was fully paid by the private entrepreneurs. This provision has been hindering the growth of the private insurance companies, as only the Govt. owned Sadharan Bima Corporation is allowed to insure such “Public Property” with its present denotation. We insure all traditional lines of non-life insurance businesses viz. – Fire & allied risks including flood, cyclone, earthquake, Typhoon, malicious damage, burglary, riot, strike, damage, house breaking, industrial all risks, DOS, machinery break-down, loss of profit, business interruption, CAR/EAR, personal accident including workmen compensation, motor insurance of all descriptions & value, Travel medical & medical insurance including treatment abroad to name a few broad lines.